Best Vaporizer pen type with two types heating elements

Vape or electric cigarettes are popular among young and adult, vape offers many flavors that can be enjoyed.

In addition to a sense of vapor that can be selected, you can also choose different types heating equipment to heat the vape fluid or commonly known as a vaporizer.

“Yes, this vaporizer is available in various types”.

What kinds vape are available?

Many types of vaporizers are traded for electric cigarette lovers with various shapes and sizes. Namely: pen type, portable, and desktop.

In this paper, it only contains a vape pen type that has two type heating elements.

Vape Type pen

This pen type vaporizer looks like a pen, as the name implies. Vaporizer pen is a vaporizer with the smallest form that can be carried everywhere. vaporizer pen can produce steam by heating vape fluid.

Vape Pen Type Vape Pen Stick V8 Vape Pen Stick SMOK Vape Pen EGO II

There are two types of heating elements that can be selected to heat the vape fluid, namely:

1. Atomizer

Atomizer is a heating element for heating vape liquids containing nicotine. Atomizers usually have to be replaced if the heat produced is reduced in quality, making the taste of vape becomes uncomfortable again. Close to the atomizer, there are tanks as a place of material to be heated.

2. Cartomizer

Cartomizer is a combination of cartridge and atomizer. In this setting, the heated component is in direct contact with the heating element. To heat the heating element, the pen vaporizer requires the battery as energy.

This battery can be recharged and usually has a voltage of 3.7 V, but there is also a battery that can be regulated voltage. This battery can have power up to 1300 mAh.

Be careful with the vape battery as it can explode and harm you. Avoid this tool out of the reach of children.