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Some Brands of Vaporizer Pen with Best Results

Void XEO pen, Best VApe Pen
Void XEO pen

There are some of the best vaporizer pen brands and names that work well with some of the contents, such as dry herbs, waxes, or e-liquids. Not all of these pens are designed for different contents.

Some of them are working with the e-liquids only while some are quite efficient for the dry herbs. Depending on your preferences and needs, you need to make an educated decision.

3 Vaporizer Pen with Maximum Results

As it was mentioned before, there are some of the reliable brands of vaporizer pen. For instance, the Series 3 V2Pro has a very elegant design and color. It is also quite affordable for such a powerful product.

Best Vape pen
3 V2Pro Series

What’s cool is that it can be used with waxes, dry herbs, and also e-liquids so you are free to really have a flexible usage.

As the name suggests, this 3 in 1 pen delivers a smooth vaping experience with the right consistency; not too thin or too thick.

Another option is the Twist Halo Tracer E-liquid pen which is cheaper when compared to the previous item. Unlike the previous product, this one is only operational with the e-liquids.

Best Vape Pen
Twist Halo Tracer E-liquid pen

If you are an avid user of the dry herbs, you may not be able to use this one. However, this pen is quite sturdy with good features.

The airflow control, powerful battery, and easy user’s interface are some of the best combinations you should expect from this brand.

Void XEO pen is another alternative vape pen with the elegant and classic casing. This one comes with a complete kit, so feel free to have a flexible caring method.

Void XEO pen, Best VApe Pen
Void XEO pen

Besides providing the smooth vaping experience, the features are pretty advanced and handy with the USB charger, rechargeable battery, anti-leak construction, and also a complete kit.

It is perfect for beginners. If you are looking for high-quality items without hurting your wallet, all of these brands of vaporizer pen will only deliver the most satisfying outcome.

Best Vape Pen for Wax with Temperature Control

Best Vape Pen for Wax with Temperature Control

The presence of temperature control becomes the standard of the best vape pen for wax. Unlike e-liquid and thin oil, wax has denser concentration. Therefore, it requires higher temperature to convert it into sensational vapor.

One of the recommended products introduced for this sensation is the ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0. This particular product is designed for vapers who like to enjoy the sensation of wax from their vape.

In this review, we are going to talk about what this product has to offer for avid vapers.

Best Vape Pen for Wax with Temperature Control

ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Best Features

The first feature of this best vape pen for wax is none other than the portable design. The design comes in similar dimension as ordinary writing pen. It even comes with lid to cover the mouthpiece as well.

Other than sliding easily into the pocket, the clip on its lid can also be used to secure it on the pocket as well. The main shaft consists of two sections. The glass section allows vapers to see how much wax left on the container. Meanwhile, the container to store rechargeable battery is coated with durable metal material.

Best Vape Pen for Wax with Temperature Control

Vapers can choose the black matte or glossy silver for this product. Meanwhile, the mouthpiece has decent size to fit into the mouth of its users.

As the best vape pen for wax, it offers more than exclusive appearance. The atomizer for this model is made out of lava-quartz. This unique material is patented by the manufacturer.

Most importantly, it gives satisfying sensation in every draw. The temperature setting is also included as well. Vapers can adjust the temperature as they wish. Heavy users are recommended to choose this product as the main option.

Best Vape Pen for Wax with Temperature Control

Despite being able to satisfy heavy user, beginner can also enjoy the sensation offered by this product. ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 is excellent product for endless sensation.

Best Vape Pen for Weed for Heavy Uses

Best Vape Pen for Weed for Heavy Uses

The best vape pen for weed is not only considered as equipment for pleasure. Some people also consider its benefit for medical purposes. One company specializes on medical marijuana produces Alchemy Vaporizer Pen.

Best Vape Pen for Weed for Heavy Uses

This particular product comes in two models:

The first model is called Relax, while the second one is called Awaken. Both of them can be used for special purposes. Different types of ingredients are also added to give additional flavor to the original weed sensation. The product is favored by its user due to the addicting and satisfying sensation it has to offer.

Relax and Awaken – Give different sensation

Best Vape Pen for Weed for Heavy Uses

The Relax model comes with special blend consisting of chamomile, lavender, and indica strain. As you probably notice from the ingredients, it is intended to give relaxing sensation. Vapers who use this model will get calming senses. In other hand, the Awaken model gives quite the exact opposite sensation. It wakes up the senses and invigorates the vapors.

Different types of model are designed to satisfy vapers with different needs. It should not be surprising if Alchemy Vaporizer Pen sell well among those who appreciate the sensation of drawing weed. The cartridge of this best vape pen for weed comes with the package along with the charger as well.

Best Vape Pen for Weed for Heavy Uses

After talking about what it has to offer, let’s talk about its appearance. As the name suggest, this best vape pen for weed for oil takes form of a pen. The simple design of this product allows the vapors to carry it around in their pocket. The mouthpiece curves nicely to follow the contour of mouth.

Best Vape Pen for Weed for Heavy Uses

Meanwhile, the oil is contained in glass container. Vapers can easily see how much oil left in the container before they have to refill it with new one. Despite being elegantly designed, most people choose this product due to the affordable price tag.

Best Vape Pen for Oil with Top Quality


When talking about the best vape pen for oil, the most recommended option is product by Source. The Source Orb 4 vape is particular series that is highly recommended for heavy uses. Despite being designed for this purpose, it can also be used for light uses as well.

This model is famous for the solid build quality. Most importantly, it also gives elegant feel as well. The container can be held comfortably.

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Meanwhile, the mouthpiece has unique design to fit the mouth shape of its user perfectly. The mouthpiece and the container are connected with magnetic system. Therefore, both of them can be separated easily, yet firmly joined when being connected.

Source Orb 4 vape titanium material

Since it is the best vape pen for oil, the container uses titanium material. It means that the users can be sure that it has great durability. The titanium is selected from grade 1 and 2.

The product comes with four attachment kit as well. However, if you tend to choose for smaller vape, you might want to consider the KandyPens Gravity. This particular product is favored by vapers due to its practical shape and great performance.

Moreover, the material involves ceramic coils and quartz. The combination of those atomizer materials ensures natural feels on every draw.

Every single draw from this best vape pen for oil can produce great quantity of vapor. The product even comes with temperature setting as well. Vapers can select up to four different temperatures to suit their preferences. The container for its oil is completely sealed.

It prevents even the thin oil from leaking outside. The product is highly recommended for vapers who appreciate excellent experience of vaping. It is also good for vapers who prefers smaller vapes for portable reasons.

Since the product dimension is as big as writing pen, vapers can easily store in their pocket. Charging cable is available with this product.