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Vaping to quit smoking: Vaping side effects

Best Vape Pen for Weed for Heavy Uses

Stop smoking using vape pen is simple, and it’s a procedure of weaning yourself far from the nicotine enslavement by battling the physical dependence on the nicotine drug at once.

When you choose your vape pen, be sure that you go for the high range of nicotine available. Nicotine value in vape pen is important for people who smoke a half of a pack per day or more.

Stop tobacco use and start vaping

Here is why you need to quit smoking and go vaping:

Respiratory hazards of cigarette smoke are due to toxic byproducts of combustion. That toxic combustion creates smoke. Combustion is the prime cause of lung cancer and many other respiratory disorders. In case you holding in your smoke breath, here is why you have to stop; Holding in the smoke allows more tar and chemicals to be absorbed in the lungs.

Smoking VS. Vaping about health improvements

During the time you are on vaping, serious health improvements are noticed.

Eight hours after the last smoke from tobacco cigarette your blood will be free of carbon monoxide. After 3 – 5 days you will be satisfied with your smell and taste improvements. In 3-4 months your respiratory system will be cleared, and your lungs will discharge the larger amount of the tar accumulated with smoking.

During this period, your lungs will work better, and your skin, hair, and nails are going to look much better and healthier. During the healing process, it is recommended to drink more liquids to wash the system inside and wash out the toxins much faster. The money spent on the cigarettes are huge because a pack a day smoker can save near $3900 in one year. When you survive your tobacco free year, your risk of heart conditions such as heart attack is cut down by 50%.

I have to say that nicotine is not the thing killing you. When you smoke regular tobacco cigarettes, you are inhaling more than 7000 toxins with every breath you take.

Vaping side effects

Vaping can have some side effects too. Some minors issues are:

  1. Dry mouth,
  2. Anxiety,
  3. Dizziness
  4. An increase in coughing

As it can help you stop smoking, at the same time it can do totally opposite and prevent you from stopping permanently. The good thing is that vape pen can make you stop using tobacco cigarette because it has all of the aspects any smoker need:

cigarette, smoke, nicotine and OC hand to mouth relation. You do not have the feeling that you are leaving cigarettes but in the most cases eventually will happen because it will come in stages. How will vape make you stop smoking?

These steps are happening because you are cutting down time with the cigarette in your hands. People can make it without nicotine after three days, and the thing makes us smoke is Obsessive compulsive action hand to mouth with inhaling smoke.

We don’t need the whole cigarette, few inhales will feed nicotine receptors in the brain after the first couple of inhales only thing we are doing is creating new nicotine brain receptors and increasing our addiction.vaping vs smoking

With vape pen after three or four inhales you can leave it and that is something you can’t do with a tobacco cigarette. Vaping can make you stop smoking without stress.